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Unique Value

The solid foundation of the Lambda Calculus is integrated in a course of the general principles of programming,

Other books introduce functional programming almost exclusively in conjunction with a specific complex programming language like e.g. Haskell. The Lambda Calculus, if it is mentioned at all as the theoretical base for functional programming, is always seen as a mathematical, logical system, presented in mathematical notation. It is put on a high mathematical pedestal that is still unreachable for many people, or at least is given a highly theoretical appearance from which many programmers conclude that they don't have a need for it.

On the contrary, `Programmierung PUR' presents the basic operations of the Lambda Calculus, abstraction, reference and synthesis as a simple fundamental programming language including programming examples with its own ARS-interpreter.

special merit of 'Programmierung pur'

Georg P. Loczewski 2002-07-20

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