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Comments on the Y-Combinator test program

It should be noted that this A++ - Code, even though it looks like Scheme-Code, will not run correctly in a Scheme environment.

One reason is, that A++ uses `lazy evaluation' mode when evaluating lambda expressions. Scheme uses `eager evaluation' mode instead, which causes our test program to loop indefinitely, assuming that the necessary adaptation to the Scheme environment has been done (translation of `lif', `mult', `sub', `equaln', `one', `zero', `five' to `if', `*', `-', `equal?', `1', `0', `5').

For further details readers are referred to the book `Programmierung pur'. (or the new A++-books published in 2018 by the tredition-Verlag in Hamburg, Germany)

Georg Loczewski 2003-08-07

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